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Keep your indoor plants alive with some of the useful articles below. You will learn how to position your plants in your house for optimal sunlight, as well as some of the latest gadgets to help take care of your indoor plants.

Oxalis Featured Media

Oxalis Triangularis – light and watering

How to grow and care for Oxalis Triangularis

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Plant on the window sill

How much light do my indoor plants need?

How do you know what the correct light conditions are for your houseplant? This articles covers…

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Tea and Plant Featured Image

Does watering your plants with tea work?

Does watering your plants with tea really work? Some people claim it works wonders, find out how to…

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Watering on Holiday featured image

Best indoor plant watering systems when going on holiday

List of the top best indoor plant watering systems for when you are going on holiday. Shows the…

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Where is the best location for my indoor plants?

How to determine the best location for your indoor plants.

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Oxalis Triangularis Part 2

Oxalis Triangularis – Part 2

This is our second part on how to grow Oxalis Triangularis, see some time-lapses of the leaves…

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Pilea Peperomiodes Feature image

Pilea Peperomioides grow guide

Everything you need to know to take care of your Pilea Peperomiodes, from watering to lighting and…

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Crazy Plant lady

Stages to become a crazy plant person

The 5 stages to becoming a crazy plant person. Is your house turning into the forest scene from…

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Plant Styling ideas feature image

Clever ways to style your indoor plants

Find some clever plant styling ideas using some common items and train your plant to grow around…

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Best Tech Featured image

Best tech gadgets for indoor plant lovers

The best tech gadgets for indoor plant lovers. The top technology tips and tricks for those that…

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Plants next to TV

Best plants for a bachelor pad

Best plants for a bachelor pad with some examples of styling tips and what plants work best in each…

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Devils Ivy

How to grow Devils Ivy (also called Pothos)

Learn how to grow devil's ivy, with watering tips as well as sunlight requirements.

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Plantmaid automatically watering the ZZ plant

Best low maintenance indoor plants

View the top low maintenance indoor plants which are easy to take care of and work in low light.

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PlantMaid watering tomatoes on balcony

How to grow tomatoes on your balcony

How to grow tomatoes on your balcony with a few basic tips and what to plan for.

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