One of the easiest ways to keep your plants alive is to select the right plants for your environment. Low maintenance indoor plants will give you a good start to adding some greenery to your house or apartment. Check out my favorite low maintenance plants.

Snake plant (Mother in Laws’ tongue)

PlantMaid can be set to automatically water the Snake Plant

This plant has got to be the top of my list for easiest plants to keep alive. It can practically grow in the dark (or at least under fluorescent light) with one cup of water every month. What’s unique about this plant is that is sucks in carbon dioxide during the day and releases oxygen at night, many people put them in their bedrooms.


Care: Low soil moisture needed (water once every 2-4 weeks). Works in low to high light. Any room temperature is fine.

ZZ Plant (or Zanzibar Gem)

Plantmaid automatically watering the ZZ plantThis plant is at the top of one of the hardest plants to kill (as long as you don’t over water). It can survive with very low light and fluorescent light. It doesn’t require much water. I’ve seen this plant in a lot of shops and pubs where they require low maintenance plants.

Care:  Water 1 cup every 1-3 months. Grows well with the temperature between 65° to 79° F (18° to 26° C)

Tip: The biggest killer is overwatering. Bright, direct sunlight may result in scalding, curling or yellowing leaves.


Anthurium in a potThis is one of my favorites and my first indoor plant, its a great indoor plant as it’s fairly hard to kill.

Care: Likes evenly moist soil. Medium to low light, avoid placing it in direct light else the leave will burn. Grows well in indoor temperatures ranging up from 65°F (18° Celsius) to 75°F(24° Celsius) – but honestly, mine does fine up to 30° Celsius

Tip: This plant has a great indicator of when its leave start to droop it needs more water, but by that time its probably a bit damaged, rather keep the soil permanently moist.

Note: It is toxic for pets, if they eat the leaves it can cause digestion problems.

Fiddle leave fig

Automatically watering a Fiddle LeafThis plant, or should I say mini tree, has massive leaves, it looks great to fill up the corner of a room. It’s called a fiddle leaf because the leaves look like the outline of a violin or fiddle. The great big leaves on this plant make it a unique room filter.

Care: Soil should dry out slightly between watering. Medium to bright filtered light. Aim for a spot with 6-8 hours of light every day.

Rotate the plant every two weeks so that the stem will grow straight and not lean towards the sun.

Tip: If it starts to look pale, move it to somewhere less bright.

Bamboo Palm

PlantMaid watering a bamboo palmThis is one of my favorite plants, mainly because it spent a lot of time trying not to kill it. It’s rated as a low maintenance plant but it still requires a bit of maintenance. The biggest culprit for killing these plants is overwatering, and bad drainage, don’t let the roots sit in water. It’s also a great air purifying plants (check out the top air purifying plants from NASA)

Care: Works well in a medium lit area, natural or artificial light. Avoid direct sunlight. Ensure the plant is well drained and water when the first inch of topsoil is dry.

Tip: Overwatering turns the leaf tips yellow and they begin falling off from the stem. Underwatering turns the tips brown… it’s a fine balance.

Dumb Cane(Dieffenbachia)

PlantMaid automatically watering a DieffenbachiaThis thick green plant has a tropical look and adds a nice solid bunch of greenery to the home. Be careful of overwatering and make sure the soil is well drained. Keep them out of direct sunlight as the leaves can get burnt.

Care: Keep soil evenly moist. Like low to medium light. Works best in low to medium filtered light.

Tip: This plant has somewhat toxic leaves if eaten…so don’t eat it.

Spider plant

Spiderplant automatic wateringThis is an unusual looking plant which adds some visual variety to the room. Great things about this plant grows fast and it’s a great air purifier.

Care: Likes evenly moist soil, with medium to bright light conditions. Likes natural light but not directly in the sun. Rooms temperature ideally 60-75 °F (15-23°C)

Happy Growing.