Here are some of the best ideas I’ve found for indoor plant ideas and styling. They are sure to get a reaction from guests that walk in your house.

Crystal skull

Add a bit of hair to your crystal skull, not only does this look cool but you can propagate and grow roots for your Neon Pothos or Devils Ivy. The Crystal skull is actually an empty vodka bottle, you should be able to find them at your local liquor store, manufactured by Crystal Head Vodka.

Devilys ivy growing in crystal skull

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Coffee pod succulent display

Wondering what to do with those old coffee pods, take a look at this display. It’s a succulent nespresso ?

Succulents growing in coffee pods

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Want to grow your own Christmas tree

Why get a pine tree when you can use English Ivy… and get it to grow around a xmas tree frame!

English ivy growing around a xmas tree wire frame

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Style your plants with a metal frame

Here is a Dioscorea Elephantipes (aka elephant’s foot aka turtle back) which has been styled around a metal frame in the shape of a heart. You can build metal frames for most climbing plants like English Ivy or Ficus Pumila.

Plant growing around a heart shaped frame

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There she blows

This Pilea Peperomioides looks exactly like what this whale needs.

Pilea Peromiomides in a whale pot

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Circle of life

English Ivy looks amazingly when styled around a circular wireframe, and that antique pot just adds the finishing effect.

Devils ivy styles in a circle

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Pallet of pots

Use an old wooden pallet and attach pots to make an interesting plant feature. You might have to take it outside to do some watering ?

Plants on a wooden palette

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The Instagram owner above has a video on how to make it. Click on the Instagram author over above to see a video of how it was made.

Plants meet modern

Plant frames aren’t all love hearts and circles, this frame gives a modern look for any plant lover. This particular plant is a Stephania Venosa from the Stephania genus, they are a flowering plants native to eastern and southern Asia and Australasia.

Plant growing around a modern metal frame

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Happy Growing.