Pilea Peperomioides in plastic pot

Pilea peperomioides grow guide

This plant burst onto the scene a few years ago, around 2017, and becoming an Instagram hit because of its unique design. Pilea pepermoioides also known as Chinese Money plant (I’m sure there are at least 3 other plants I know that are called Chinese money plant!). It’s found in the limestone mountains of southern China, growing on the rocks.

This plant is part of the succulent family, this should immediately give you a hint that this plant does not like to be overpowered. In my opinion it’s a great plant for beginners, its can tolerate a fair amount of neglect as long as you don’t overwater it.

Soil: A lot of sites recommend using cactus potting mix and terracotta pots to make sure the roots stay dry and the water dries quickly. I tried this myself and my Pilea got extremely dry, it needed to be watered every 2-3 days. Once I used a Plantmaid to automatically water it was fine as it would regularly water.

However Pileas do well in a general organic all purpose potting mix, I added some Perlite to my potting mix to give it a bit more aeration. Just don’t over water them.

Pot: A lot of people plant Pileas in terracotta pots which dry out the soil even quicker. I have a Pilea in a plastic pot and it grows just fine. You can use either pot, just make sure they have a drainage hole at the bottom.

Temperature: 15-26 degrees Celsius (60°-80°F). Avoid temperatures below 13° Celsius (55°F) or above 35° Celsius (100°F).

Fertiliser: I don’t find fertiliser necessary in new plants, premium potting mixes usually contain slow release fertiliser that last for the first 4 months. If your plant is older than a year old use a liquid fertilizer (20:20:20) once a month.

Pilea Peperomioides on book
Pilea Peperomioides in ceramic pot
Pilea with flowers
Pilea behind curtain

Interesting facts

Peperomia Polybotrya
Peperomia Polybotrya

Pilea or Peperomia? Pileas looks similar to a Peperomia Plybotrya and are often mistaken for the same plant to the inexperienced.

Pilea in a white potBurying a coin – It’s a common belief in China that if you bury a coin in the soil of a Pilea it will bring wealth. This has yet to be proved ?

Examples of Pilea in good lighting positions

Pilea in living room
Pilea in the living room
Pilea on a shelf
Pilea on a desk

Some interesting potting ideas

Pilea in Whale Pot
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Pilea in funny pot
insta @houseplantmomdee

Happy Growing.